Tuesday, June 29, 2010


moon water

night sky

Although it creeps over the sky every 24hours, the night is still a special time for the most people. Its darkness can produce contradictory feelings, it can bring peace and relief from the daily stresses, but it can also cause anxiety and fear. The darkness swallows colours, blurs shapes and makes familiar things appear strange. But why is the night so black??

Although it dominates our solar system, the sun is just one star among billions in the universe. Of course, it is special for us when it sets in the evening, the light goes out.

This is very familiar process for us, but why shouldn't the other stars take the sun's place after sunset, providing us with light until sunrise?? Of coz this is impossible. The stars in the sky only light up like tiny pinpoints, and cannot banish the darkness. Sometimes the brightness of city lights even prevents us from seeing the stars.

During the day, the sun overpowered the other stars, so their little light could only be seen at night. Since the dawn of human society, we have been fascinated by the way the brightness of the day alternates with the darkness of the night.

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