Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Why people always talked of laziness on a day of MONDAY...why, what happen to MONDAY....why it calls MONDAY BLUES..and why every weeks when monday comes we must call it MONDAY BLUES...

any INFO about it..
hmm this INFO i took from readers digest ....maybe this INFO will help who people doesn't no anything about monday blues...

Lazy weekend sleep ins may bring on the MONDAY BLUES..Research suggests that the slump we feel at the beginning of a week may come down to our weekend sleeping habits.

Professor Leon LAck from Adelaide's Flinders University has found that sleeping in an extra two hours on weekends delays the body clock by 45 min.This means you are less sleepy on Sunday night,leaving you tired the next day." if u catching up on lost sleep,it's better to have a brief nap during SATURDAY or SUNDAY rather than sleeping in very late," says Lack

If u do oversleep,get outside and into the sun as early as possible.

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